About Moi!

Well Well!!! Ima not very good when it comes to writing about myself or writing in general, but I’ll give it a try! Absolutely new to the world of Blogging with no experience of blabbering on blogs whatsoever, believe me I’ve never even posted a single comment on any blogs till date! So you might think why the hell is this guy starting now outta the blue all of a sudden… er goes the reason… A wonderful colleague of mine ( Yeaha! You read that right! I’ve a real job too 😛 ) quoted one day…

Sushil you should start writing, your English is Good!

Though just a fleeting thought from one of those regular conversations, it caught my attention and got me thinking! Matter of factly I know my command over the language is not that great, my grammar is pathetic and my vocabulary is filled with Internet Slangs and Sitcom idioms, which I use repeatedly, yep repeatedly!!! Ima not really ashamed of it!!! 😛 But as I started writing I realised I do enjoy it, converting my thought process into words… #Fun!!! Right  now Ima just a newbie in the world of Blogging… don’t know about the rules and honestly don’t really care either!!!

Oh Yeah!!! About Me right…!!! Read along if you will!!! Ima Web developer by profession, currently working with Flying Cursor, has worked with SMG Convonix for 2 effin years… Good Times!!! I enjoy what I do, probably that’s the reason why I’m still working, otherwise Ima total lazy ass and gets bored easily!!! Ima proud alumni of the greatest college in the World… St. Xaviers, Mumbai!!! Three years of pure fun and awesomeness!!! Ima hardcore music addict… I need music at work… at home… before sleeping… after waking up… while travelling… you get the gist right!!! Pretty Much for everything!!! People who know me well know it by now that Ima crazy Rihanna fan followed by Coldplay, Maroon 5 and Lana Del Rey!!! Ima big time foodie, just cant get enough of tasty Food!!! Specially French Fries and Potato Wafers!!! Mahn only if I could just keep hogging on them and not put on weight at all!!! Wishful Thinking!!! Next, Ima fanatic Shopaholic… Online shopper to be specific 😛 yep a Guy who’s Shopaholic… sounds gay right!!! Well, truth be told even I have my doubts LOL!!! Just open Myntra or Jabong and give me a Go! And then you’ll see me in action!!! Riding a Bike is something that I dearly enjoy… Love the pace… Love the life on a fast lane… like Tim McGraw’s Highway don’t care!!! Ima Gadget Freak and loves to get my hands on all the latest technologies in town, but most of the times reality is a ruthless bítch and I just have to be contented with just checking them out on Youtube!!! Duh!!! I absolutely love and adrore animals… totally love em!!! Cats, Dogs, Iguanas, Owls, Lizards, Hamsters, Fishes, Turtles… I want em all!!! When I’ll have my own apartment I’ll turn it into a freakin Zoo!!! Y’all will get an invite don’t worry!!! 🙂

That’s pretty much about me I guess… pheww I know I’ve rambled on a lot… who cares right!!! People who wanna read will read it anyways… If I eventually do get some readers I promise I’ll try to keep the Blog active with my Stupid thoughts… My language will be very informal and I certainly wouldn’t care for the “Rules” … Deal with it!!! 😉 Lastly if you did manage to read this short… yep that’s right Short!!! 😛 Biography of mine then… A Big Heartfelt Thank You! 🙂