Wish I Was Here!!!

Ah! Been such a long time since I’ve written something … Work’s making sure that I don’t have much spare time left except for my weekend Drinks 😉 Even today I’ve no topic in my head to blabber on …

Lazing around on this saturday afternoon I suddenly missed my Blog, suddenly just wanted to open it and check what’s going on, did wordpress pull it down for inactivity for a long time. Thankfully No!!! Suddenly the amateur idiot of words in me just wanted to write something. Why haven’t I written anything for so long … Too Lazy? Too Busy? Too Happy?

That must be it … I guess for me (I’m sure I’m not the only exception) the motivation to write is mostly driven by a certain sense of blue … or when I’m a little high … or watching the sun go down … or merely a song on the beach that calls for a self introspection. And sometimes they all do come together. Just for the records the title of this article is also a collaboration by Coldplay & Cat Power … very soothing.

So again coming to the point why I haven’t written something in a while … I guess I must be happy … I remember discussing with a friend of mine about how overwhelmed I was on my last day in Hanoi. Sitting by the Hoan Kiem Lake … Just engulfed by the calmness of the lake, taking slow drags of my cigarette, listening to Coldplay … I was overcome with so many emotions I cannot put it in words … Not Sad Neither Happy … Just Random … The landscape was so serene and blissful.

And my friend just made one statement which perfectly defined what I was feeling.

We Miss Happiness !!!

So True! We are so caught up in our routine and the struggle to make it big that we sometimes forget to just stop for a moment and enjoy the little things in life that brings us a lot of happiness. We live only once … Make it count for you yourself …


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