A Wonderfully Weird Weekend …

I know it’s been a while I haven’t written anything here … not even opened the site for the matter … call it the busy work life or lack of motivation or sheer laziness … In fact two weeks back I had started writing about my Bangkok trip but gave up in the middle and that article’s still lying in the draft section … So why now … and what now ?!?! When you’re into the corporate world more often than not you only have weekends to look forward to … those two days on independence sometimes mean more to you than anything else and you wouldn’t trade it for any other thing … As I haven’t written anything in a while I find myself struggling for the right word and right tenses … what the hell … maybe I’ve lost it …

So again coming to the point … why I’m writing today … A Sunday Night … which is worse than Monday Blues sometimes …

The thing is this weekend is something else … And I sure don’t want it to get lost like some needle in a haystack … Am not saying it was a legendary weekend … No! But for absolutely lack of a better word I’d call it an offbeat … wonderful … weird … weekend! May it be eating out at the Bayview Cafe, Colaba … watching the waves as you sip your Beer  … or a walk by the Gateway of India’s promenade … or having a short conversation with a long lost friend … bringing back those old memories the good old days … or my cat cuddling next to me… or achieving that 2048 tile … or clicking that one selfie that I actually like …

#GatewayOfIndia ... #Mumbai #MumbaiMeriJaan

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But what makes this weekend standout is … Kafka on the Shore … As the book ends I find myself filled with emotions which I can’t put it in words for sure … Never in my life I’ve mewled so much … weeping uncontrollably like a little baby … that’s the kind of effect Kafka has on you … Haruki Murakami !!! You twisted evil Genius !!! And the rain just adds to the impact Kafka casts on you … It’s going to take me some time to get over the Kafka footprint … I miss Nakata … I Do !!! It’s weird … how can you miss some abstract character from a book … well I hate calling it a book as I feel its much more than just a mere book or a mere novel …

Life … you can run … but you cannot hide …

The drowning girl’s fingers
Search for the entrance stone, and more.
Lifting the hem of her azure dress,
She gazes— at Kafka on the shore


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