Such is Life Dearies!!!

Often we find ourselves in situations which are quite tricky or rather unfair … there’s not a write or a wrong way to deal with them … and no matter what you do its gonna be a lose – lose situation … and chances of arriving at an apt solution is almost next to impossible … whatever you do someone’s gonna get hurt … And right now I’ve been confronted by one such ball game!!! No Guesses there …

What to do !?!?! It’s a game of love !!! And a one-sided one for that … though that’s nothing new to me 😛 I’ve been on either ends more than once !!! But only this particular time I find it sooooo much difficult to get outta this ploy … I don’t even remember the definite starting point of this #BadRomance … but all that I know is I want her !!! And It Sucks that reality bites !!! Ordinarily how it works all the time is … you confess your love to someone … if its mutual, then great … probably Happily Ever After … and if not then some awkward silence followed by Okay Bye!!! It was nice to know you !!! 😛 But this is your no mainstream Luv Story …

I keep telling her … “I Love you … I Love you … ” And she keeps replying “I love you as a Friend … I love you as a Friend” … I know what y’all must be thinking …

Friend Zoned!!!!

#FriendZoned!!! I used to think the same … but the fact is she truly does love me as a friend … I’ve tried not talking to her but that really doesn’t help … she doesn’t wanna let go of me … We have tried the no-talking remedy like a zillion times and still do … but I find myself going back to her after a certain point in time … I know if its not meant to be its not meant to be … I’ve always been practical about such things before … or maybe this is the only time I’ve ever been in true love … Usually my crushes never even last more than a mento … and also my Ego helps me a lot to bounce out of any such predicaments … but this time around … its different … its weird !!! or simply its Looooove !!! I’ve mentioned this to her many a times … She’s a unique chapter in My Life … We work out or not but she’ll always be remembered and stored in a corner of some floppy disk in my Heart!!! For now the goose chase is still on … as helpless a cause as it may sound … but what to do … I never thought I’d use such cheesy lines from a bollywood song … but er goes “Dil toh bacha hien ji

Mwah ma Love!!!


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