Goa Revisited!!!!

Hellow My Imaginary Readers!!! Sorry I kept y’all hanging!!! You guys must’ve been waiting eagerly for my articles … LOL 😛 Anywho … time … no time … time … no time … we all lead such stressful lives that somewhere we tend to lose out on doing things that we truly enjoy. Our days revolve around work … deadlines … meetings … blah … blah … and some more blah …  and you’re like aaaaaaahhhhh … I need a breaaaakkkkk … For me that moment came when my wonderful colleague went on leave for his marriage leaving me as the only Technology Guy at work !!! Sure enough I was flipping out trying hard to manage things and harder to not mess them up 😛 Am quite capable of doing the latter!!! 😉

That’s when I decided to treat myself with a short vacation … and which other place better than GOA!!! The Beach … The Sun … The Sand … The Eye Candies 😛 … The extremely cheap Alcohol and Food 😛  What more can you ask for a weekend getaway ?!?!? Yep, my vacation just consisted of 3 days … 3 nights in Goa !!! It was a long weekend and I sure as hell made the most of it 😉 I was initially supposed to go with a friend of mine but it didn’t work out because of some reason … I was even on the verge of cancelling the whole trip … but then I thought to myself it would be worth giving a shot … and mahn was I right!!!

Backpacking Alone – Checked!!! One thing crossed from my Bucket List !!! (And All I can thank is my Friend for ditching me or else I might’ve never done it!!! )

My whole point of doing this trip was to relax and chill … and that’s exactly what I did !!! During the day I used to sip on my wine … smoke on my cigarette … conversations … and in the evening go to the beach …

Day One I was at Baga Beach … dining at my favorite shack Bottle Bays … I just love their food and cocktails … and you add a hookah to the whole equation … pure indulgence !!! If any of y’all go to Goa … you guys must try Bottle Bays … and you must try their Golden Friend Prawns and Piña Colada … slurrrppp ….

Now apart from the food and the alcohol if Goa is famous for anything else then it has to be for Partyingggg … And day two was dedicated to that … Whole night we were partying at Titos … the music … the spirit … I Danced the whole night away and by the time I was back to my hotel it was five in the morning !!! :O Naturally I woke up hungover as f*** !!!

Now Day three was pure magic … The Sunset from the Taj Vivanta … The Wind … The Waves … Coldplay … and the whole situation really fucks with your Brains … forces you to think … activates the self introspection mode … and as you watch the sun goes down you feel overwhelmed by a number of emotions … happy … sad … but overall contended!!!

Oh the #Beauty !!! @goa

A post shared by Sushil S (@theindianhippie) on

Oh the #Beauty !!! @goa

A post shared by Sushil S (@theindianhippie) on

I’ve read somewhere Travel is the Best Education and Travelling is so Liberating … I couldn’t agree more … This trip as short as it was opened new doors for me… I never knew I had it in me to go out there and do something like this … And also I found myself actually enjoying my work even more after returning … I was Happy!!!

To all the working people out there … Taking vacations and giving yourself short breaks from your work is as important as your work itself … All Work and no Play makes Jack a Dull Boy!!! Now do we really wanna be a Jack!!! 😛




p.s if “You” happen to read this … meeting you and spending time with you was definitely the highlight of my trip … And as cheesy as it may sound but I’ll always cherish those moments .. I name the encounter “The One Last Cigarette” 🙂




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