Someday Someway…

Don’t know how to pen down the whirlpool of thoughts stirring in my head right now… Some very vague… Some too strong…!!! Some Random Beats… Some Random Memories… Some Random Desires… It’s like Chaos Personified!!!

No doubt most of the times what I feel is heavily influenced by some Music… I somehow manage to inadvertently tether an apt song for any given predicament… The tune playing in my head is “Midnight” by Coldplay… Can’t figure out whether it’s a happie song or sad!!! I guess it depends on how you perceive it!!! But whatever the melody of the song is… It’s an amazing track… you’ll find yourself easing into the chilly track… just turn the lights out… It’s a hauntingly beautiful tune… dreamy… just close your eyes and it sure as hell invokes a sense of vehemence in you…

In the darkness Before the dawn
In the swelling Of this storm
Running round and with apologies
And hope is gone
Leave a light, a light on…

A lot of things that I feel right now is because of this track… thank you Coldplay 😛 like I didn’t have enough on my plate already lol I know the title has barely got to do with the content… but that’s how my thoughts are at the moment… Abstract… Incomplete… Random…


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