Hottest Music Collaborations Ever!!!

Ahh… writing after a looonggg time… I almost thought I’ve lost my imaginary super power lol Anywhoo… this won’t be a total recall from the sabbatical but nevertheless… it’s all bout the joy of writing isn’t it?!!? πŸ™‚

Sooo the news is Shakira after her own little sabbatical from music has finally released a new Video for her Song “Can’t Remember to Forget You” and it features my favorite Rihanna… Who better could she have possibly chosen right!?!? for a comeback sorts!!! πŸ˜› The Song was released couple of weeks ago and I did find it nice if not awesome… But when the video came out yesterday I was blown outta my freakin mind!!! There’s hotness hotness and only hotness for as long as the song goes on… Riri n Shaks Twerking… Gyrating… Cuddling with each other… My jaws literally dropped to the ground!!! It was Sensual and Sultry and not trashy et all!!! I might’ve watched the video a zillion times already and I cannot get it outta my effin mind… Do yourself a favor and watch it!!! It’s a video you just can’t forget… Enough Said!! πŸ˜‰

It got me thinking ( lol πŸ˜› ) that I’ve always seen Best Music Collaborations list on Billboard and VH1 site… the musically correct ones and blah blah … but not the ones which are music to your eyes as well hehe… So here I am!!!

Top Twenty Hottest Collaborations according to me!!! I cannot help it If Riri, Shaks n Bee makes multiple Appearances!!! πŸ˜› Anywho… Er Goes…

Numba 20. Going In


Numba 19. Video Phone


Numba 18. Blurred Lines


Numba 17. Body On Me


Numba 16. Stay


Numba 15. Rehab


Numba 14. California Gurls


Numba 13. Moves Like Jagger


Numba 12. Umbrella


Numba 11. Crazy In Love


Numba 10. Love the Way You Lie


Numba 9. Hot and Fun


Numba 8. If I Never See Your Face Again


Numba 7. Telephone


Numba 6. Beautiful Liar


Numba 5. Timber


Numba 4. Right There


Numba 3. Princess Of China


Numba 2. Upgrade You


Numba 1. Can’t Remember To Forget You

Now That’s what I call one helluva hotness personification lol… As I look back Jay-Z makes an equal number of appearances roflmao!!!

Temme your favorites from this list … And lemme know if I missed out on any other major ones!!! Enjoi πŸ˜‰


4 thoughts on “Hottest Music Collaborations Ever!!!

  1. shubshal says:

    You can’t leave out Apologize by OneRepublic feat Timbaland.. or Holy Grail by JAY-Z feat Justin Timberlake, or the most recent Get Lucky by Daft Punk feat Pharrell Williams… or for that matter, Me Against The Music by Britney Spears feat. Madonna. πŸ˜‰

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