Bucket List

Ahhhh 2014 is here…!!! So how many of y’all were totally wasted on the New Year’s Eve huh ?!?! 😛 Me?!?!? Naah I was as sober as my pet cat Goldie!!! Meow!!! 😛 🙂  … Divya if you’re reading this… that’s all the smileys Ima gonna use 😛 oopsie!!!

Now many would’ve thought of some New Year’s Resolutions… and the internet was bloating with some more than enough suggestions… well well then why shouldn’t I add my drop into the sea!!! So here’s what I liked from the Big Data… and a few of my own ideas… not so much of resolutions but things that you can definitely add to your Bucket List!!!

Er goes the list…

1 – Go Backpacking Alone

As terrifying as it may sound to many of us… but if done with a bit of planning could turn out to be very rewarding… I’ve never done this before… But would really wish to do this someday!!!

2 – Scuba Diving

Maaaahn… this has been there in my Bucket List as long as I can remember… the thought of being under the sea with those majestic sea creatures is enthralling!!! Ima definitely scuba diving this year!!! Enough waiting done!!!

3 – Learn to Cook

I know to cook quite good!!! So this for those who doesn’t even know to make an Omelet or Maggi … tsk tsk tsk … I feel basic cooking abilities should be more like a norm!!! How else are we gonna survive if had to live alone !!! Think Think Think !!! The maid might fall ill on a Bharat Bandh!!! And you’re in Trouble… muahahaha Remember Sid from “Wake up Sid…” ??? lol

4 – Get Over a Phobia

Giri this one’s specially for you… too many Phobias you’ve… lets get over one at a time… how bout come home and play with Zoey and Goldie…??!?! Goldie misses you a great deal hahahaha

Getting over a phobia could be sooo liberating… You keep me on a high altitude and I’ll start trembling like a leaf… I guess every one of us has some or the other fears… some really stupid… some rather not… whatever it is… getting over a phobia would be worth the efforts put in!!!

5 – Ink Yourself

Every third person I meet has a desire to get Inked… So what’s stopping y’all!!! Believe me the pain is soo totally bearable…!!! Also its a cool way to get over the fear of injections!!! Whaattt?!!? Kill two birds with one stone you say?!!?

6 –  Start Saving Money

Many of us earn fairly decent… We shop… We Party… We do this… We do that… We do Blah Blah… but by the month end we are like where the hell’s all the money gone… or is it just me?!?! lol I do religiously save a small portion of my salary every month… but perhaps this year… maybe a bit more!!!

7 – Quit Drinking / Smoking

What?!?! I don’t Drink o Smoke!!!! Ssshhhhh… My Mom sometimes reads my Blog!!! Indulgence can be fun… but if you’re regular at young age… then boiii are you in for a treat o not!!! Ima not in any sorta mood to advice on ill effects of Alcohol o Cigarettes… Not your Mother!!! 😛 But at least even if you try to quit… like even a sabbatical from booze and Cigarettes once in a while would be worth it I feel!!!

8 – Throw a House Party

Plan everything and throw a house party that will leave your guests talking… From starters to music … from Booze to Games … Just Do It!!!

9 – Spend a Day Alone every one month

Every man needs some me-time to reconnect with his roots… to come face-to-face with one’s own demons. Every month, schedule out a day to spend with nobody but yourself.

10 – Make Lady GaGa dress like a Normal Lady!!!!

Last but not the least… This really needs to happen. See if you can help the world finally get some nightmare less sleep. hahahahahahaha

I think even if Ima able to do half of the afro mentioned things… then the year will be pretty legendary!!!!


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