Happy Holidays

Helloooowww Peopleeee … Happy Holidays to one and all … 🙂

So we enter into the final week of this year… the countdown begins… Its time to make New Year Resolutions and not stick to them… whaaaat?!?! Did you just say “I made one last year and stuck to it!!!” Bravo then… time to take a bow!!! 😛 Its time to wish all your near n dear ones… binge on awesome christmas food… marzipans… cakes… gingerbreads… wine… aahhh… Divine… Decadent… Delicious… *sluuurrrpppp*

Santa has come and gone… and I hope everyone got what they wished for 🙂 I wanna give a big hug and kiss (I think I already did that lol) to my Secret Santa for the sweetest presents ever!!!

Finallyyy the year with the number “Thirteen” comes to an end… Many consider the number 13 as an unlucky one… mahnnn I couldn’t agree more… Now as I sit back and rewind the whole year in my head… the memory lane doesn’t seem to be a happy one 😛 … I don’t wanna crib now which I’m infamous for … but this truly was a suckyyy year… I’m not gonna get into the intricate details and spoil the mood of the few who does read my blog 😛 But I’m happy that the dreadful year (again in reference to mine!!!) is coming to an end… And am really hopeful for the coming year!!!!

But no matter however Good or Bad the year was… I have no Regrets… 🙂 And largely because of the kinda people I’ve in my life… I thank each one of you guys and I sure as hell Love Y’all!!! Hugs & Kisses!!!

Some Visual treats for my peepz 🙂

Once again… A Very Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year to all!!!! Live Long and Prosper 😉

p.s for all those who love Drinking like me… lets not Drive after that… Let’s save ourselves some trouble… 😛


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