So Are You A Cat Person or A Dog Person!!!

Ahhhh the Age Old question… “Are You A Cat Person or A Dog Person” ?!?!? I guess every individual at some point in time would’ve positively either come across or asked this “delightful” (Yeaha!!! Sarcasm!!! :P) Question!!! While for some it might be just a random question… an ice breaker to an awkward date…  or a mere conversation starter… whereas for some people more often than not its a real big fat deal…!!! You pick the wrong choice and #Baaaaam!!! What?!? Its a major Deal Breaker… a Total Bummer!!!

Lets try and analyse (in air quotes) what these two awesome four legged creatures resemble 😛 Well Well… we all know very clearly that Dogs are the epitome of loyalty, love and affection… Probably an only critter on planet earth that love’s its master more than himself… Don’t believe me…?!?! Watch Hachiko !!! And by the end of the movie if you’re not sobbing like a little baby… I’ll change my name!!! Now… Cats… Cats are well eminent for their grace and ultimate finesse… I mean a Queen Cat is called a Queen Cat for a reason man lol!!!! They are ultimate charmers and know how to get things done!!! 😉 They are clean creatures, easy to train and take care of… But the sad part of life is You can never actually own a cat… True Story!!!! They are extremely selfish and are just being co operative to have you around them… they don’t live in your house you live in theirs!!!

Do you see where I am going with this…?!?! 😛 No wonder why Girls love cats soooo much right?!?! I mean the resemblance is uncanny!!! roflmao!!! Boii ain’t I gonna get in trouble for saying that loud!!! 😛  Sooo do correct me If I am wrong… ( Oh please!!! I never claimed to be wikipedia!!! 😛 ) but cats sort of do portray more of a feminine idiosyncrasy and has always been associated with something ladylike!!! 😛 Also another peculiar reaction I’ve noted among one too many people is that It’s quite cool for a Girl to be a Dog person… but not so much for a Guy to be a cat person…!!! We all live in a stereotypical world don’t we…!!!! phew!!!

Anywho… Now ask me the same question… please… ask no!!!! 😛 So Am I A Cat Person or A Dog Person?!?!?! *Drum Roll*

I say the question itself is WRONG!!! Yep WRONG!!! In My Opinion the question shouldn’t be whether someone is a cat person or dog…!!! The real question should be “Are you an Animal Lover or Not?!?!?” 🙂

Did you just fanatically laugh at me and conclude that my Observation is totally lame?!?!? Oh to hell with you!!! 😛 But just hear me out!!! If you’re are either a cat person or a dog person… then undoubtedly you’re not a very good person!!! 😛 How someone can love one animal and hate or dislike another is something that I cannot comprehend!!! You may like one more than the other but a complete denial is a little too harsh!!! 😛 And even worse is judging someone based on which animal they like… C’mon give me a break!!! 😛

I personally love all sorts of animals and can never pick between a cat or a dog or an owl or an iguana 😛 These are like my four most favorite creatures and someday I’ll be petting all of them!!! 🙂 I’ve kept cat as a pet thrice… not because I’m a cat person or something 😛 just because they’re a little less high maintenance (Look there goes… one cat feature that’s not so girly!!! muahahha) compared to dogs !!! And trust me any home is going to be only better with a Pet!!! Whichever animal you adopt as a pet… you be loving and caring and you’ll definitely get back the love… whether its a Dog or a Cat or a Goat… barely matters!!! 🙂 And trust me if you are one among the awesome people who loves animal and your friend or partner doesn’t?!?! Then you’ve a bigger problem!!! 😛 So next time first ask “Do you like pets?” before asking “Are you a Cat Person or A Dog Person!?!?!” 😛

Like what you read?!?! If yes then please convince my Mom to get me a Cat or a Dog!!! 😛 Pretty Please!!! 🙂 Many Thanks for reading!!!!


4 thoughts on “So Are You A Cat Person or A Dog Person!!!

  1. Marina D'Costa says:

    That’s such a lovely write up, though didn’t read too much. I am loving it Sushil. Keep writing. Love you..muaaah!!

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