Goa… A Trippy Trip… A Sunny Side Up… An Expedition To Remember!!!

Goaaa… what can I possibly write or talk about you that hasn’t been already written or talked about!!! Hence, I ain’t gonna attempt doing that!!! So people looking for an article about Goa extravaganza go next Blog!!! πŸ˜› This post is going to be just about myΒ enthralling experience with the Paradise City of India… Okay I know that’s not what Goa is termed as πŸ˜› but what the hell it might as well should be…!!! It truly is a Paradise… A Paradise for Dopers, Drunkards and Party Rockers… rofl!!! Just Kidding… Or am I? πŸ˜‰

Thanks to my Parents… I’ve never traveled much… their entire idea about a vacation is all about going to my grandparents’ house in Kerala… and stay put there for a month or so… eat, drink, pray and come back!!! In fact my Non-Keralite friends have seen more Kerala than I’ve lol Irony o what!!! Somehow somewhere down the line even my perception about a vacation had formed the same… that’s why when I had a ten days bracket between switching my Job… i quickly hopped on a plane visited my grandparents… ate a lot… like a lottttt gluttonous as I am πŸ˜› and rushed back in a jiffy!!! Satiating as it was, I strongly felt it could have been better as most of the time I was travelling than chilling…

It’s funny how this Goa trip transpired for me!!! I was back from my Kerala vacation and had started with my new job and was pretty much into it… when suddenly one day an ex-colleague, whom I’ve worked a lot with and truly one of my favorites from Convonix ( let’s call her batmom for now!!! πŸ˜‰ ) pings me saying… ” Sushiiii guess what I’ve put down my papers at convonix and I’m going to Goa in October!!!” … A little shocked about her leaving the work and a lot more surprised that people still remembered me at convonix πŸ˜› we got to talking and I told her that how I’ve never been to Goa… I’m quite sure she almost ridiculed me lol She did paint a picture of Goa and its lifestyle for me and I just couldn’t help myself from self inviting me to the trip!!! And she readily agreed… woohoo!!! Thus Goa became a reality for me!!!

Now whenever you think of a vacation which involves your friends… you’d always have those three four names in your mind whom you’re comfortable/close with or whom you interact on a regular basis… but for me the scenario was a wee bit different… Though all of them were my ex-colleagues I was barely close to anyone outside the work… in fact Β my group consisted of a person who was a living nightmare for me when I was working at convonix… Yep Kaul Boi, I’m talking about you!!! πŸ˜› Another who’s Event Tracking Sheets had bored me out of my senses to no extent… Piklu that’s you!!! πŸ˜› And Abhi (Sorry Man!!! I cannot recollect any other cover name for you!!! hihihi) whom I might have come across like four times in office!!! So you can imagine I was equally apprehensive as I was excited about the trip!!!! I was constantly thinking what if I couldn’t fit in… what if I’ll be an outcast… what if I they didn’t like me having there or I didn’t like being there…. and blah blah blahhh… Β after a point in time I was like shut uppp… stop being sucha gurl and gooo have some fun!!! Blow off some steam!!! And Drink some wine!!! And that’s what I exactly did!!!

One of the best parts about any trip is the journey to the destination and the worst… the return journey!!! It was no different for us either…. The journey to Goa rocked and the return jouney suckkkkeeeedddddddd….!!! lol Mainly coz while going we had an AC sleeper coach reservation… and booze… whereas while coming back we had chair car non AC reservation… no booze… Such dramatic extremes lol πŸ˜› So as mentioned the Journey to Goa was as epic as Goa itself… except the two Tam Aunts who were in our coach… total pain in the ass and sleeping beasts πŸ˜› not beauties but beasts πŸ˜›

So for the first time I was with this too cool for me group Β (Guys its a compliment okay! πŸ˜› I rarely admit that there are people cooler than me!!! Trust me its an honor πŸ˜› πŸ˜› :P) BatMom, DressyDame, Abhi (Sorry once again :P), Kaul Boi and Piklu (If in a parallel universe…. Riding bikes be a superpower then he’d totally be my sidekick lmao :P). Now post the trip we are collectively known as “Epic Trippers” πŸ˜‰ … Cool no!!! If you don’t think so then you’re just jealous!!! πŸ˜› Thus began our Saga… five days and four nights of pure awesomeness…

Day 1 :

We reached Thivim around 7.30 I guess… we had planned to bunk in Calangute, North Goa… and boy wasn’t that the best decision everrr πŸ˜‰ Β Apart from where to stay we had nothing planned, just go with the flow was the general agenda of the trip!!! And it was a major Success tooooo!!!! By the time we checked in and freshen up it was around 11 and we all were a little hungry from all the smocking up πŸ˜› so we decided to hit the Baga beach to dine… The beach was sooo calm and quiet, almost invoking a sense of poignance … I dunno whether it actually was or it was just my head!!! πŸ˜› I was already a bit stoned you see!!! πŸ˜› We settled at a shack called Bottle Bay… bang on the beach… It was the best ambiance ever… the food served there was quite awesome too… and I loved every bit of every dish!!! Of course not the ones involving pork, beef or lamb πŸ˜› But the highlight of the night definitely and undoubtedly was “Hookah”… How I had missed thee post my college days πŸ˜› Also another highlight was that the biggest doper in town yeahaa that’s you again Kaul Boi πŸ˜› was trying the hookah for the very first time πŸ˜›

People visiting Baga beach do not miss Bottle Bay they are quite inexpensive and the food and cocktails… quite exquisite!!! My favorites were Golden Prawns… my mouth’s already watering just thinking about it… Pina colada and white rum with cranberry juice…!!!! Talk about Heaven in your mouth!!! πŸ˜› After the dine some of us were quite high… we all went to the beach for a walk returned back to our guest house… put on some music and hit the sack!!!

Day 2 :

Got up… hadda bottle of Beer πŸ˜‰ that’s right… not tea… not coffee but beer πŸ˜› Its so effin cheap over there… like 27 rupees for a pint whereas a coffee is 25 bucks… helloooo who needs coffee… ( Β well after the second day i needed some coffee very badlyyyy roflmao :P). For Breakfast we went to Brittos another awesome place for hogging but a bit on the expensive side… the chicken in the meat platter was delicious… the rest i don’t know πŸ˜› In the evening we went to Anjuna beach and the much hyped Curlie’s… I really don’t see what the fuss is all about this place… except the panoramic view from the first floor… everything about this place was off putting… atleast for me… the menu way to overpriced and the food not so drool worthy!!! But what i enjoyed the most was making my team win at a game of Β pool… it was quite miraculous considering that fact that I was playing it for the very first time!!! πŸ˜› For Dinner we stopped at Souza Lobo… there was live music and some old fashioned dancing πŸ˜› hahaha And again the food very decent… I guess apart from Curlie’s every other place had gooooooood fooooood!!!! I don’t quite remember what happened later after Souza Lobo lol

Day 3 :

Ahhh the Day 3… the most Legendary day of em all… why you ask?!? I’ll tell you why… it was the day everything that could possibly go wrong did go wrong lmao… and at one point I was spooked out n shit scared lol The Day started as any other day in Goa πŸ˜› Beer.. Smoke… et cetera et cetera πŸ˜› We thought we will go to Palolem beach which is in South Goa and one of the most scenic beaches in Goa… also we would stop at Colva beach for lunch coz it was on the way… but fate had other plans… (trying to be a little dramatic πŸ˜› )… For Starters Batmom and Kaul Boi lost their way… they took quite a few detours and came across some spooky haunted places while the rest of us waited ideally… at lastΒ whenΒ they couldn’t find us we decided to meet at a common point ahead… that’s only the beginning!!! Β We reached Colva around 2 2.30 I guess!!! Here’s another awesamazing place to treat your taste buds… Kentuckee on Colva beach… We collectively made a bill of 6 grants… lol The Shrimp cocktail was simply outta the world!!! And so was Peach Pleasure!!!! ❀ By the time we got outta Colva it started becoming cloudy… and to our surprise Batmom and Kaul Boi’s Bike refused to start… second bummer of the day… by the time we got it fixed it was 4 or something and it was pouring cats and dogs… but nevertheless we decided to keep our spirits high and go to Palolem… we were back on our bikes and started driving only to realize that by 6 it was pitch dark and there were barely any vehicles on the road…. there came a stretch where there was absolutely no light whatsoever and no one on the road… I was deliriously scared πŸ˜› we stopped a little ahead in front a makeshift house with a shade… The entrance of the house was curtained and Batmom wanted to pee lol can you blame us!!! We all were super wet and shivery!!! She sneaked a peek to find that there was no one to be seen inside and the interiors looked quite spooky… her words not mine !!! πŸ˜› After a while a lady walks out of the entrance with a Diya… aaaaaaahhhhhh we were all spooked out by that… i can say for sure… the aaaahhhh part was more mental that audible πŸ˜› !!! We immediately got the hell outta there and decided to fuck Palolem and return back to Calangute… Now on the way back it was mine and Piklu’s turn to miss the route… but thanks to my GPS we weren’t as lost as Batmom and Kaul Boi were… phew… I remember saying this to Piklu on our way back that I am “Temporary Home” sick lol if you know what I mean!!! By the time we reached our Guest House… we all were super duper exhausted so we decided to hit our favorite place for Dinner… Bottle Bay!!! Again!!!Β We were then up all Night playing charades… Me a newbie at that too… lol Now that i think about it there were quite a few firsts in the trip… Starting with Goa itself.

Day 4 :

Vagator beach was a real beauty… as the Sun rose over the beach we were there to bask in the glory of the morning sunshine… We were up all night playing charades so that we could experience at least one beach properly πŸ˜› hahaha Sleeping was next followed by Brittos… on this very same day… we enjoyed sunrise and sunset… felt really nice… peaceful!!! πŸ™‚ On the way back from Brittos there was a small mishap wherein my bike skidded and poor Piklu’s feet partly came under a car’s tyre … Piklu’s reaction after the car reversed… guess guess?!? He said “Thank You!” It was totally an awww moment!!! lol That was our last night in Goa and the sucky feeling kinda got to all of us… tomorrow we will have to pack our bags and leave Goa!!! But we still had tonight and we decided to do something that North Goa is most famous for… Clubbing… We went to Mambos and Danced our night away… the Dj was quite okay but you put me on a dancefloor with a drink and I’m unstoppable … DressyDame the same!!! lol There was one incident in the Club that was a little embarrassing and funny… A Brit guy totally Drunk and Horny hit on 3 members in our Group… Batmom… DessyDame… and ME!!! Why me!!! Now I don’t clearly remember anything about that night because I was totally wasted but my groupies say it happened!!! I intend to believe them!!! Big deal!!! The Horny Guy got eventually kicked out of the Club and we continued to rock till 4 in the morning lol

Day 5 :

I don’t wanna talk about day 5 πŸ˜› Just packed our bags… settled all the bills… picked up some liquor and came back to Mumbai!!! 😦 😦 😦 Goa how much I miss thee…

Some Confessions :

It was actually the Best Trip of my life!!! I totally enjoyed the company… the smokes… the spooky talks… the intellectual conversations… the music… the beach… the food… everything!!! Abhi I fuhgot the names of the books you had suggested… please ping me the names again!!!! πŸ˜›

I was a lot stressed out and my mind was in a constant turmoil Β before the trip but this trip helped to take my mind off many things that was bugging me!!! yay!!

We were high all the time… sometimes perpetually… sometimes literally… Β but nonetheless high!!! πŸ˜‰

Epic Trippers… this can come as quite a bit of a shock to y’all but on one of my morning walks I did “Get Lucky” muhahahaha The early bird catches the worm πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

For all those who hasn’t been to Goa yet… Gooo Go Gooo ASAP! You don’t know what you’ve missed!!! We might have not done much of sight seeing… but goa has a lot of that too to offer!!! Inspite of Goa being the ultimate destination to chill and relax and melt all your worries away… It definitely is not a place for Vegans and non Drinkers… better go to Haridwar!!! πŸ™‚ And please don’t go with your family… a strict No No… At least for me!!! Go with your frinds and you’ll ve a blast!!! With a group of five to six the expenses will be quite affordable and you won’t feel the burn in your pocket…

Lastly I would like to thank Batmom… you’ve helped me discover a little Travel Enthusiast in me!!! πŸ™‚ Since coming back from Goa I have these urge to just go backpacking to awesome places on planet earth!!! πŸ™‚ Also, a Big thanks to Kaul Boi… he was like the unofficial caretaker of us all!!! Thank you Papaaahh πŸ™‚ πŸ˜›

Despite the suggestions from the few readers that I’ve I cannot shorten my articles…. I know this post can be easily made into a book perhaps and maybe too boring to reading… but I like it this way… ho ho ho!!! So Bear with with me please!!! Once again I hope you enjoyed this post and Many thanks for reading πŸ™‚ Peace Out!!!


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