The Hunger Games – Catching Fire Soundtrack!

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For those who doesn’t know The Hunger Games… here’s a short description… though I really don’t think there would be many who wouldn’t happen to know about this talk of the town movie of 2012! Basically The Hunger Games is a sci-fi movie based on Suzanne Collins’ Novel of the same name! The Movie was an instant Box-Office hit, received positive reviews from the Critics… we all know that’s a toughy 😛 and Jennifer Lawrence became incredibly famous and hot… oh c’mon before The Hunger Games how many of y’all knew her huh !!! 😛

Now as The Hunger Games team is all set to release it’s next installment “The Hunger Games – Catching Fire” to the Trilogy in november, there’s sooo much of anticipation amongst fans and media. Facebook… Instagram… Twitter… are buzzing with the excitement!!! The Trailers have been released and many posters… Catching Fire definitely looks edgier than its predecessor… The Costumes, The Look, The Soundtrack or basically anything about Catching fire appears to be more appealing and I seriously hope it lives up to the expectations of the fans! Well I can for sure say that the Soundtrack would!!!

What I loved the most about The Hunger Games apart from its awesamazaing logo is it’s Soundtrack!!! The Songs were soothing, soaring and catchy!!! The Soundtrack from the first installment “Songs from District 12 and Beyond” was as huge a success as the movie itself!!! Well known artists like Maroon 5, Arcade Fire, Taylor Swift, Kid Cudi, The Civil Wars, Miranda Lambert were some of the prominent contributors to the Soundtrack Album!!! Result of which…  It reached No.1 on Billboard 200, was best selling soundtrack album of the year and “Safe and Sound” single by Taylor Swift featuring The Civil Wars won a Grammy for Best Song Written for Visual Media! Pretty Impressive right!!!

So when Catching Fire news was out I was constantly googling for the Soundtrack whereabouts hehe!!! And then one day I was just scrolling through my twitter feed and saw a Tweet from one of my favorites Coldplay about recording Atlas!!! The first Single for Catching Fire!!! Mahn I just couldn’t contain my excitement and found myself waiting for its release!!! I know for many it wouldn’t be easy to comprehend my enthusiasm but being enjoyed The Hunger Games and a huge Music addict and a Coldplay Fan, the news came as a Triple Treat!!! And Atlas is pure Magic… A Classic Coldplay Creation!!! It’s an absolute treat to your ears… Critics loved it… Fans loved it… I obviously Loved It!!! 😛

No sooner than the release of Atlas the entire Soundtrack songs were revealed… if you thought The Hunger Games had an awesome Music Cast… then Catching Fire has even Bigger Names… Sia, Ellie Goulding, Micky Ekko, Christina Aguilera, Lorde, The Lumineers… you name em and they are there… As the movie the  Soundtrack looks promising too!!!

Now honestly after listening to Atlas I was like… Dude!!! This is Dope!!! But how are you gonna beat this one!!! But boyyy was I wrong!!!! On October Six two more singles from the Soundtrack were released… We Remain by Christina Aguilera and Elastic Heart by Sia featuring The Weeknd & Diplo… I was never really a big fan of Christina Aguilera, apart from couple of songs I really didn’t know much about her music… But We Remain was an instant addiction… It really gets you if you’re in an emotional mood… the lyrics are simply mesmerizing!!! Rocked this one Christina… Kudos!!! I think its just The Hunger Games Magic!!! 🙂

Next Elastic Heart by Sia… I don’t know about others but my first Sia Song was “Titanium” and she Nailed It!!! No Arguments whatsoever!!! Since then whenever I bumped into her creations I found myself comparing em to Titanium and I just couldn’t bring myself to like any… But again The Hunger Games does its Magic… though still I wouldn’t put Elastic Heart over Titanium… It definitely is a nice track and very different from the other two Singles Atlas and We Remain!!! You go Gurl!!! 😛

Now the wait continues for the release of the remainder singles… Here’s the Complete List :

1. “Atlas” — Coldplay
2. “Silhouettes” — Of Monsters and Men
3. “Elastic Heart” — Sia (ft. The Weeknd & Diplo)
4. “Lean” — The National
5. “We Remain” — Christina Aguilera
6. “Devil May Cry” — The Weeknd
7. “Who We Are” — Imagine Dragons
8. “Everybody Wants To Rule The World” — Lorde
9. “Gale Song” — The Lumineers
10. “Mirror” — Ellie Goulding
11. “Capital Letter” — Patti Smith
12. “Shooting Arrows At The Sky” — Santigold
13. “Place For Us” — Mikky Ekko
14. “Lights” — Phantogram
15. “Angel On Fire” — Antony and the Johnsons
16. “Place for Us” — Mikky Ekko
17. “Lights” — Phantogram
18. “Angel on Fire” — Antony and the Johnsons

I’m sure this Soundtrack will rock infinity!!! Hope you guys liked the Post!!! 😛


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