It’s all relative!

The most depressing day of the week is just over … Monday !!! LoL … But really is it that bad after all for everyone?!?? I gues not … The Monday Blues applies to only the lazy buggers like me hihihi … I’m pretty sure there are many closeted workaholics out there who secretly waits for the Monday to come 😛

Anywho … This post is like totally random … It may have a point or maybe not so much … But it’s going to be short for sure hehe Again apologies to all my imaginary readers for the longest sabbatical ever … You can blame my boss 😛

Let me be upfront … The inspiration behind this post would be two drunken idiots hahahhaa.

So it was like any other Monday … Lot of whining followed by some more whining followed by work … Meh … Nothing monumental happens on a Monday right?! Wrooooong … It’s not the same for everyone 😛 So on my way back home I was in the Ric (Tuk Tuk) with these two drunk fellows … And like any other drunk morons they were saying/doing things that hardly made any sense … And just like any other sober person would do I started judging them left, right and center 😛 … At first I was like whooooo like whooooo on earth gets drunk on a Monday … !!! But almost a split second later I was like clearly these guys are having a much better Monday than I am 😛

Also another thing I noticed was like how almost all of us are such hypocrites … There’s no one out there who doesn’t say/do silly things after getting drunk … Only the extent varies … And we all expect others to just be okay with it and cut us some slack … But at the same time if we come across a drunk dude on our sober day we tend to lose it … 😛 Ain’t I right??

We live in a weird society … That’s about it hehe